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*[http://www.staticmovement.com/DonnaTaylorBurgessinterview.shtml An interview with Donna Taylor Burgess from ''Static Movement'']  
*[http://www.staticmovement.com/DonnaTaylorBurgessinterview.shtml An interview with Donna Taylor Burgess from ''Static Movement'']  
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The Blue Lady
Issue 3
Cover art by Erik Wilson

The Blue Lady is a small press publication devoted to horror and weird fiction published by Donna Taylor Burgess.

Subtitled "A Magazine of Dark Fiction", The Blue Lady was released in Murrells Inlet, South Carolina, U.S.A., in the 1990s. Besides fiction it also included poetry, art and essays. The first issue appeared in 1994, with 7 issues released until the last issue in 1997.

Contributors of writing included C.S. Anderson, Josh Bingham, G.O. Clark, Kevin L. Donihe, James S. Dorr, J. Spencer Dreischarf, Jack Fisher, Victor Fortezza, Jesus F. Gonzales, Lorelei K. Hickman, Charlee Jacob, Christina Kern, D.F. Lewis (Nemonymous), Mindy Peterman, Crow Ravenscar, P.A. Roe, David G. Rogers (Freezer Burn Magazine), Lee Seed, Craig Sernotti, Scott H. Urban (Frisson), and Carol Weekes.

Art work was by Erik Wilson.

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