The Banshee

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The Banshee was a literary fanzine published by Rachel Fones.

Dedicated to short stories, illustrations, and poetry in the science fiction, fantasy and horror genres, The Banshee appeared in the 1990s. It was published in Croydon, Surrey, UK. Issue 3 was published April 1993.

Illustrations were contributed by Derek Eames, Darren Goldsmith, Dave Hughes, and Darren Vassen.

Poetry was contributed by R.L. Cook, Ray Fenech, Kevin J. Molony, K.A. Nethercott, and B.J. Roman.

Fiction was contributed by C.P. Andrews, D. Burley, G.T. Finn, Michael Foster, Dave Hughes, R. Humphreys, John Light, Michael Nelson, Michael Park, Raymond Sibley, Geoff Stevens, Derek Williams, and Ed Wolfe.

Other items were by Jim Clifford, Barbara Johnson, Tony Lee, Anthony Phillips, and a comic strip by Derel Eames.

Also included was an interview with Peter G. Mackie, by Rachel Fones.