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{{DEFAULTSORT:Bad Lyrics Project, The}}
{{DEFAULTSORT:Bad Lyrics Project, The}}
[[Category:Zine]] [[Category:Zines from the U.S.A.]] [[Category:Chicago Zines]] [[Category:2000's publications]]
[[Category:Zine]] [[Category:Zines from the U.S.A.]] [[Category:Chicago Zines]] [[Category:2000's publications]] [[Category:Pop Culture]]

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The Bad Lyrics Project is a zine by Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A. resident Liz Mason.

The zine compiles particularly cringe-worthy examples of lyrics from classic rock bands such as Dio, Styx, Foreigner, and Kiss, as well as more recent instances like Britney Spears' duet with Madonna. Lyrics are accompanied by commentary explaining just where the songwriters went wrong. Liz (an experienced karaoke singer) describes the zine as a "sociological study of sorts."

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