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The Avalonian was a short-lived genre fiction zine edited and published by Lilith Lorraine out of New Orleans, Louisiana, U.S.A.

The first and only issue, dated 1952, was a 56-page octavo periodical with a cover price of $1.50.

It included fiction by Steve Benedict, "Night of Fire", by Helen Reid Chase, Lilith Lorraine (Different, Challenge, Flame), James McKimmey Jr., "The Sacred River" by Robert Silverberg (Spaceship), Evelyn Thorne (Epos), and Michael Wolf.

In her introduction to Galactic Suburbia: Recovering Women's Science Fiction, (The Ohio State University, 2008), Lisa Yaszek writes about The Avalonian: "A new science fiction (SF) magazine called The Avalonian hit the newsstands in 1952. The debut issue featured an anchor story by Lilith Lorraine-an SF veteran who had been writing for more than two decades and who also published The Avalonian-and half a dozen more pieces by writers largely unknown to the genre's growing readership. Among the latter was a very short story by Helen Reid Chase entitled "Night of Fire". In less than four pages Chase rallies a galactic civilization, recapitulates cold war nuclear fears, ridicules religious zealots, razes planet Earth, and finally saves a select fraction of humanity for a destiny among the stars. "Night of Fire" is both utterly typical and truly remarkable for its time."