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that book of yours is a zine and audio cd written and performed by TrollE. It was released November 2007. Through songs, poems and rantish prose it encourages readers to create histories for themselves and of the spaces where they live. Also, it details how story telling and the creation of mythologies can inspire change and can create possibility.

The songs detail histories of story telling, encourage adventurism and propagate the creation of new mythologies. Half of the tracks on the album are named and have lyrics, while the other half (interspersed on the album) are atmospheric ambient noise pieces reflecting the dark, "other worldly" sentiment of the written chapters in the zine.

Excerpt from that book of yours

we must constantly be celebrating our lives and our dreams and our visions through wild poetics scribbled on the sidewalk on the edge of it all. guerrilla tactics folks, encouraging the spread of mystery, awe and wonder, especially wonder. we need to push it so the creative life comes rushing back, flooding knowns with fire and wind (let your secrets be heard!). we need to take to streets with gasoline and passion, bolt cutters and the pulsing curious urge to look up and see them stars. i want to see the place in the fence where there is no fence. i want to see the great fields and rolling hills o'er thattaway, and the glowing places beyond, booming drums in wild distances. fire breathing. we must spread the rumors, the lies and those damn cute lil' truths about those Outs at the edges. ive said it before but i want more visions of far off places becoming real life encounters.

more action, less fears!

topple the street signs which determine your way. axe the streetlights which banish the darkness, bomb the backhoes which tear up the wilds (celtic warriors would rip up the road just as fast as the romans would build them cause they knowed those roads was how they came, and the only way they could bring their armies, their people, and their genocidal culture. let this be a lesson to us all!) give a false name, write with new words, tell great stories of lovers and friends, destroy what destroys you! reclaim all lost playgrounds gone to enemy developments ripping apart our cultures of mystery, awe and wonder, especially wonder.

ride bikes through storms, go mapless (fuck Legends, we want legends!), walk only in shadows, leap, climb and dangle from tall walls and stoney facades. learn of weathersign, omens, and talismanic magic. drop school and go wandering through the woods for a week. set fires downtown. burrow and hide. give up on camping and go forever. go further.

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