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That Girrl
That Girrl

That Girl was a zine published by Los Angeles, U.S.A. and San Francisco, U.S.A.-based zine writer Kelli Williams from the mid-1990's until sometime in the early 2000's. The series spanned 11 issues and was a perzine with a feminist and usually humorous slant.

Included in one issue of this cut and paste zine are detourned letters to teen magazines answered by the editor, a story by a contributor named Kelly about dealing with an ex-boyfriend who won't believe the writer is now queer, collages dealing with issues of female representation, "Facts about Maureen McCormick", a photo centerfold of The Frumpies playing live, a little article called "I'm Sorry Brenda Walsh Rules", which states she's "The Most Dangerous Woman In America", an essay entitled "Sugar & Spice & Fuck You!" by Kathy, and an interview with the editor's thirteen-year-old sister Katherine.

Kelli had the tendency to change the spelling of "Girl" in earlier issues, leading to alternate titles such as "That Grrrl" and "That Girrl".

An excerpt from That Girl appeared in issue three of Zine Yearbook, published in 1998. That Girl is included in the Sarah Wood Zine Collection at Duke University, and the West Coast Zine Collection at San Diego State University.

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