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That Girrl

That Girl was a zine published by Los Angeles, U.S.A. and San Francisco, U.S.A.-based zine writer Kelli from the mid-1990's until sometime in the early 2000's. The series spanned 11 issues and was a perzine with a feminist and usually humorous slant.

Included in one issue of this cut and paste zine are detourned letters to teen magazines answered by the editor, a story by Kelly about dealing with an ex-boyfriend who won't believe the writer is now queer, collages dealing with issues of female representation, "Facts about Maureen McCormick", a photo centerfold of The Frumpies playing live, a little article called "I'm Sorry Brenda Walsh Rules", which states she's "The Most Dangerous Woman In America", an essay entitled "Sugar & Spice & Fuck You!" by Kathy, and an interview with the editor's thirteen-year-old sister Katherine.

Kelli had the tendency to change the spelling of "Girl" in earlier issues, leading to alternate titles such as "That Grrrl" and "That Girrl".