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*[[The Drink Tank]]
*[[Science Fiction Review]]
*[[Science Fiction Review]]

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Ted White has been a prolific contributor to science fiction fanzines since the early '50s, and won the Hugo Award for Best Fan Writer in 1968.

Ted White began releasing fanzines in the 1950s. In 1953, he edited and published Zip, the first of many fanzines he published over the following decades. In 1956-57, he co-edited Stellar with Larry Stark, followed by Void when he joined the founding editors, Greg and Jim Benford (1960), Gambit, Null-F (for FAPA), Minac with Les Gerber, Egoboo with John D. Berry, Crank with Rob Hansen, egoscan, Pong (with Dan Steffan), and others.

In addition to helping others publish their own fanzines, he was a regular columnist in Yandro, published by Buck Coulson and Juanita Coulson, and Richard E. Geis' Psychotic and Science Fiction Review. He also has been active in numerous fan events, such as organizing the 1967 World Science Fiction Convention in New York as co-chairman. As of 2012, he is still active on several of the fandom- and fanzine-oriented electronic mailing lists.



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