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Tamlacht was a small press publication devoted to H. P. Lovecraft and occult matters by Victor Boruta.

Tamlacht was published in the 1970s. "Tamlacht" is a Gaelic word that usually indicated a religious burial ground, often pagan in origin.

Contributors of articles, essays, and reviews included A.A. Attanasio, reviewing Alastair Crowley's Magic in Theory and Practice; Roger Bryant, writing on the chronology of the "Necronomicon", Joe Punilia writing on "Beowulf and the Supernatural".

Contributors of fiction included A.A. Atanasio,

Contributors of cover art work included Kenn Barr, Michael Gilbert , Beth Lefkowitz , Patrick Owens, Patricia Quiqley, Mae Strelkov.

Photography was by Ronald Attanasio.