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{{#if:December 2005 | <tr><th>Original run</th> <td>December 2005 – present</td></tr>}}{{#if:20+ | <tr><th>No. of episodes</th> <td>20+</td></tr>}}{{#if: | <tr><th style="font-size: 100%;" align="center" colspan="2">Official website</th></tr>}}{{#if: | <tr><th style="font-size: 100%;" align="center" colspan="2">MySpace Profile</th></tr>}}{{#if: | <tr><th style="font-size: 100%;" align="center" colspan="2">Podcast Feed</th></tr>}}
The Zinester Podcasts

{{#if:Image:Foa-podcast-logo.jpg | <tr><th style="font-size: 90%;" align="center" colspan="2">Image:Foa-podcast-logo.jpg{{#if: |

Genre Podcast
Running time 3-15 minutes

{{#if:Alan Lastufka | <tr><th>Creator(s)</th> <td>Alan Lastufka</td></tr>}}{{#if: | <tr><th>Developer(s)</th> <td>{{{developer}}}</td></tr>}}{{#if: | <tr><th>Executive Producer(s)</th> <td>{{{executive_producer}}}</td></tr>}}

Starring Contributors / Guests

{{#if: | <tr><th>Opening theme</th> <td>{{{opentheme}}}</td></tr>}}{{#if: | <tr><th>Ending theme</th> <td>{{{endtheme}}}</td></tr>}}

Country of origin United States
Home Station {{{home_station}}}

{{#if: | <tr><th>Syndicates</th> <td>{{{syndicate}}}</td></tr>}}

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