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I'm wondering about the use (or misuse) of some of these recent categories. It seems like "Virginia Zines" should just be put on zine pages. And "Richmond Zinesters" should just be put on zinester pages. where the zinesters are from Richmond. The categories are getting randomly tagged to zinesters, zines and events without following any organizational logic. If you click on "Richmond zinesters" you don't get a list of Richmond zinesters like you'd expect, but you get a list that's a mix of zine pages, event pages and zinster pages. And it's not consistant, where Christine Boarts-Larson should come up, her zine Slug & Lettuce does instead. Maybe someone got a little overzealous in their categorizing? The librarian in me wants to clean it all up so the organization end of the categories is correct, but I thought I'd check with others what they thought. Also Appalachia seems redundant, I don't think we need to name the city, state and larger geographic area for each listing, or if we do at some point, we should try to be consistant about it with all the listings (for instance, my listing would have categories for Seattle, Washington and the Pacific Northwest... but I think that's going overboard with sub-categories at this point). Whatcha think? Thanks! dan10things 23:18, 9 January 2007 (EST)

Yes, 'Zinester' tags should only apply to articles about zinesters, and 'Zine' tags should only be applied to articles about zines. As for the "overboard with sub-categories" - my thoughts are, if the person creating those sub-categories is willing to take the time and effort to tag every appropriate article they can find; I'm fine with it. Tags don't take up any room in the database, and almost no room on the page, and can be helpful for browsing/research. What would piss me off, for example, would be if I created an "Illinois Zines" tag, and then only added it to my zines. (which I haven't seen happen yet) I should be adding it to every zine from Illinois that I can find here. ZineWiki does have a very usable search function. =) Alan Fall of Autumn 08:36, 10 January 2007 (EST)