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=Request for Removal of Quotations=
So in December someone did a redirect on this page and there doesn't seem to be a way to revert the edit. Does that mean all the discussion that previously was here has been lost? What a bummer! I'll check to see if we have any kind of backup.
Anyway, I have been contacted by the editor of this [[Conscious_Defect|Conscious Defect zine]], who has requested we remove the quotes from that page. He does not give permission for the quotes to be used on this site and believes that including them is a violation of his copyright. He stated in an email to me that the quotes came from a zine that he made for a few friends, and he does not want to have his writing published online. Because we never had a consensus on how to handle such requests (see [[ZineWiki:Deletion_Policy_discussion]]), I am sharing this info here for comment. My opinion is that including the quotations is fair use under copyright law; however, I am willing to remove the quotations (which are not cited / sourced anyway) from the page out of respect for his request. The page also included two cover scans, which he requested be removed. I removed these images, in accordance with [[ZineWiki:Content_guidelines]].
Comments? [[User:Jerianne|Jerianne]] 07:19, 11 January 2013 (UTC)

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