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TBOOKS or TBOOKS COLOGNE is a small publishing project for artzines, based in Cologne, Germany.

TBOOKS COLOGNE was founded in March 2010 by a person named Tim. The project is dedicated to the artists publication as an alternative form of exhibition and offers a platform for "the little paperproject". TBOOKS COLOGNE publishes short-run artists books and limited edition zines. It is a non profit project.

Everything is going more virtual these days. TBOOKS stays paper. So you'll never find a publication online. The publications are handmade in alternative print techniques. , 'cause sales money will be invested in another publication. Following this, the aim of TBOOKS is to have affordable prices for the publications. Accessible prices combined with high quality content and a devoted presentation are what constitutes TBOOKS COLOGNE.

Supported artists: Alex Jahn, Alexandra Renken, Debug Visuals, Dennis Freischlad, Der Herr und sein Knecht, Hamed Eshrat, Jeans Beast, Kippi, Koolski, Laura Weinand, Marco Zumbé, Milosz Zmiejewski, Philip Emde, Rita Stoghum, Sophie Bayerlein, Tim, Timothy Shearer


  • Pandamonium
  • Poultry Farm
  • Fleisch
  • Der Alienautomat
  • Dumm gebabblt is glei
  • Anweisungen zur Betrachtungsbeteiligung
  • Mikro Makro Kosmos
  • Days of March
  • On the other side of the valley
  • Thessaloniki
  • Eklizakia
  • Tim Davis
  • Emdiland
  • Oma Emde
  • dönor heart
  • A day at the sea. Without me.

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