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*[[National Library of Australia Zine Collection]]
*[[National Library of Australia Zine Collection]]
[[Category:Zine Library]] [[Category:Australian Zine Libraries]] [[Category:Science Fiction Zines]]
[[Category:Zine Library]] [[Category:Australian Zine Libraries]] [[Category:Science Fiction Zines]][[Category:Susan Smith-Clarke Zine Collection|*]]

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The Susan Smith-Clarke Fanzine Collection is housed in the National Library of Australia. Susan Smith-Clarke's collection contains a diverse range of literary SF fanzines, media SF fanzines, SF club and association newsletters, letterzines, apazines and convention publications.

Susan Smith-Clarke is one of the 'founding mothers' of media SF fandom in Australia. She began her long involvement in SF fandom in high school as a literary SF fan, publishing her own fanzine - Girl’s own fanzine.

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