Supramundane Stories

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Supramundane Stories is a Science Fiction fanzine by Nils Helmer Frome published in British Columbia, Canada.

Supramundane Stories is believed to be the first Science Fiction zine to appear in Canada, and perhaps the first zine to be published in Canada. The first issue was published by a 19 year old Frome in January 1937 and contained fiction by Lionel Dilbeck and a poem by J. Harvey Haggard, and well as Frome's own writing.

The second issue appeared in March 1938. By this time, Nils Helmer Frome had begun to correspond with H.P. Lovecraft, and Lovecraft had sent him the story "Nyarlathotep", and the short article "Notes on Writing Weird Fiction", for this issue. Also appearing is Clark Ashton Smith's poem Alienation, suggested by Lovecraft. Frome printed all of these contributions. This was the last issue of Supramundane Stories.

Contributors to Supramundane Stories were H.P. Lovecraft, Lionel Dilbeck, Rider Haggard, Duame Rimel, and Clark Ashton Smith. Only these two issues were ever published, although Frome remained active in Science Fiction fandom clubs and circles. Nils Frome was also a contributor to the later 1940's Canadian SF fanzines Canadian Fandom and Light.

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