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Supertrooper is a zine series edited by Angela Roberts, published out of Seoul, Korea, and Oakland, CA. The first issue was released 2007. It is currently still in series.

Supertrooper is named after a karaoke machine typo-titling of ABBA's "Super Trouper".

Topically, the zine explores human sexuality, ecology, urbanism, and horror.

“A thermal stocking tale of a Bertold, Chas and (I) in a psycho-sexual Seoul. Through creeping Doc marten clad fish flesh, Wagner and Bowie are never far (… [Supertrooper 3]contains several descriptive passages with explicit sexual content, \ the faint hearted steer clear).” – Kosten Koper, L’Etranger.

“In issue four which is set in Korea, gentrification threatens displacement of poor people as a decrepit house absorbs the interest of the author. Anarchists, artists and activists are in the background of the story, but what seems central is a sense of establishing intimacy with the people around the author. Issue #5 is more focused on character sketches, evidently of people in Oakland CA.” – Robert Eggplant, Slingshot

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