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[[Image:SunTrails1.jpg|right|frame|''Sun Trails'' #1 (Winter 1941), cover art by unknown]]
[[Image:SunTrails1.jpg|right|frame|''Sun Trails'' #1 (Winter 1941)]]
'''Sun Trails''' was a science fiction fanzine by [[Arthur Louis Joquel II]].
'''Sun Trails''' was a science fiction fanzine by [[Arthur Louis Joquel II]].

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Sun Trails #1 (Winter 1941)

Sun Trails was a science fiction fanzine by Arthur Louis Joquel II.

This was a mimeographed fanzine published in Los Angeles, California, U.S.A. Only two issues of Sun Trails appeared, both in 1941, the first in February and the second in October.

In the first issue the editor is embroiled in a controversy with Isaac Asimov, and by the second issue it has been resolved. This issue also includes articles on science fiction fans, an article on graphology, an analysis of the cost of science fiction if a fan buys all the U.S. pro sf magazines on the newstand, and a note mentioning his intention to create an orchestration for Tigrina's Hymn To Satan fanzine.

Contributions of art work came from Ray Bradbury (Futuria Fantasia).

Arthur Louis Joquel II also published FMZ Digest and Specula, and was editor of Shangri L'Affaires for the years 1942 - 1944. As well, he was a contributing editor to Theosophia magazine in the 1940s.