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* [[Enchanted Times]] (2009-2011, 3 issues)
* [[Enchanted Times]] (2009-2011, 3 issues)
* [[Enchanted Times]] Mini (2011, 5 issues)
* [[Enchanted Times]] Mini (2011, 5 issues)
* [[Mulberry Digest]] (2010-2011, 5 issues)
* [[Mulberry Digest]] (2010-2011, 6 issues)
* [[A Bit of Earth]] (2010)
* [[A Bit of Earth]] (2010)
* [[Once Upon a Haiku]] (2010-2011)
* [[Once Upon a Haiku]] (2010-2011)

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Su Mwamba is a mail artist and zinester living in Derby, United Kingdom. She spends her life being side-tracked by various & random creative diversions such as DIY crafts, faux postage, & fairy tales, and her zines are an ever-evolving reflection of that.

Su has written more zines than she cares to remember, many of which are no longer available. She self-publishes under the imprint of The Tangled Press, a name derived from her TangleCrafts blog. All zines are printed on recycled paper or paper from renewable sources. Below is a very selective zinography.



Craft Leftovers Monthly by Kristin Roach
March 2009 - How to Weave on Anything DIY weaving tutorial/loom cards
Summer 2010 - A postal travel kit/mail art feature article
August 2010 - A feature article about zines & zinemaking plus reprint of ZineBomb mini-zine
September 2010 - Two projects reprinted from the Borrowers Zine: Make your own Matchbox, Make A Borrower's Rug (cross stitch pattern)
October 2010 - An interview with Su Mwamba, an introduction to Tangledom plus a reprint of the very first TangleCrafts mini-zine, Small Ways to Save the World
November 2010 - Mulberry Jam recipe (reprinted from Mulberry Digest Dreamtime Edition)
March 2011 - A Bowlful of Crafting feature article
A Handmade Life #5 by Robin O. Mayberry
October 2010 - A to-do list page, plus an exclusive Mulberry Digest story about the evolution/creation of TangleCrafts' zines

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