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Sticky Institute is a Melbourne based specialist zine shop, situated in Degraves Street Subway under Flinders Street.

Sticky is run by volunteers and is open six days a week. The artist space boasts its own typewriter pool, guillotine for revolutions, badge machines, long armed staplers and questionable music. With over 50 new zines and indie publications a month, Sticky is the only specialist zine shop and artist space of its kind globally. It is also known for its online shrine to Chester Carlson, extensive zineopedia, and for hosting the spectacular Festival of the Photocopier in February of each year, and the mischievous International Literature Conspiracy Week held by the Federation of Independent Thought.

The institute accepts all zines on consignment with a simple submission process and take only 20% commission.


P.O. Box 310

Flinders Lane, Melbourne

Victoria 8009



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