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Static Cling is a distro with cause. All proceeds go to charity.

From the Website: i started static cling off as a "charity distro" with the intentions of the profits going to The Society for Caring and Helping, a local non profit run by Lena Budnisky, a local senior who sent parcels of clothing, medicine, toys and money to seniors homes, orphanages and people in need in the Ukraine. She was and is one of the kindest most generous people i have ever had the pleasure of knowing. i strive to be more like her. she was taken from her family in the Ukraine at the age of 16 during WWII, she never saw her home again. She enderured being a refugee, coming to new countries, starting a new life from scratch, so much with so little, she had multiple health problems and yet through all this she had such an open, giving and loving heart. She would literally give you the coat off her back if she could. Her helping of people in the Ukraine started long before it became a nonprofit and it was done largely out of her own pocket. She always helped anyone with whatever she had.

But, on March 19th, 2003, my Baba died of complications after heart surgery. The Society For Caring and Helping will hopefully live on. My mom has taken over but my Baba pretty much did everything and it's a lot to sort through, plus my mom has her own health issues to deal with. There is pretty much no support from the rest of her family, i find that sad. ...

For the time being, The Society For Caring and Helping is NOT going to be the cause supported by the distro. I hope to support a variety of worthwhile causes.

All the money i have recieved from static cling has been held onto. i am unsure as to what to do with it and if any of you have any ideas as to worth while causes please let me know your ideas. I still hope for this distro to do some good for some part of this world.

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