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Starling was a science fiction fanzine by Lesleigh Luttrell and Hank Lutrell.

Starling was first published in the 1960s in Missouri, U.S.A. and later in Madison, Wisconsin, U.S.A. Early issues of Starling were distributed through the Southern Fandom Press Alliance Apa. It was published for more than a decade, with issue 3 appeared in 1964 and issue 28 in 1974. In 1975, Starling was nominated for a Hugo Award for Best Fanzine.

In sf critic Rob Latham's article "Fanzine Research", in the April 2008 issue of el,, he wrote of Starling, Susan Wood's Aspidistra, and ODD, by Raymond and Joyce Fisher with Richard Elsberry, that they were, "vehicles of antiestablishment attitudes virtually indistinguishable at times from the contemporary underground press.” He cites these fanzines as examples of sf fans seeking " bring sf into dialogue with a larger universe of discourse and action—rather than, as elitist snobs sometimes suggest, looking to “escape” from the real world into aimless fantasy."

Contributions of writing were by Grant Canfield, Michael Carlson, Juanita Coulson (Yandro), Andrew Darlington, Barry Gillam, Richard Gordon, Steve Grant, Terry Hughes, Gene Klein (a.k.a. Gene Simmons), Joe Sanders, A.M. Schneider, Angus Taylor, Bob Tucker (Le Zombie), and Jim Turner.

Contributions of artwork were by John Berry, Sheryl Birkhead, Tom Foster, Alexis Gilliland, John Ingham, Jay Kinney, Denis Kitchen, Joe Pearson, Dan Steffan and Reed Waller.

Lesleigh Couch Luttrell had previously co-published Quark with brother Chris Couch.