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The correct title of this article is stacey marie skeleton key. The initial letter is capitalized due to technical restrictions.

stacey marie skeleton key ia a photographer and zinester currently residing in Chicago, Il, U.S.A.

She is the creator of phases of the moon, a personal-is-political zine covering many different subjects (often of a DIY & revolutionary nature). She has previously published under the names "Ziggy Cyanide", "Cyanide", and "stacy marie". Aside from being a long-time zinester, she is also a photographer, punk rock mama, occasional vagrant, and aspiring radical librarian.


  • Choking Hazard (typical angstypunk fanzine - 14 issues) as 'Ziggy Cyanide' [2001-04]
  • Ephemera (perzine - 3 issues) as 'stacey marie' [2005]
  • phases of the moon
  • Positive & Negative Space (lit/artzine - 2 issues) as 'Ziggy Cyanide', with the Whiskey Rebellion collective [2004]
  • Twisted Libido (absurdist high school underground press - 7 issues) as 'Cyanide' (among others) [1999-2000]
  • Zygote (perzine about overcoming depression - 7 issues) as 'Ziggy Cyanide' [2002-03]

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