Stacey-Marie Skeleton Key

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The correct title of this article is stacey marie skeleton key. The initial letter is capitalized due to technical restrictions.

stacey marie skeleton key is the creator of phases of the moon, a personal-is-political zine covering many different subjects (often of a DIY & revolutionary nature).

She is 22 and currently resides in Chicago, IL. Aside from being a long-time zinester, she is also a photographer, punk rock mama, occasional vagrant, and aspiring radical librarian.


  • Choking Hazard (typical angstypunk fanzine - 14 issues) under the name Ziggy Cyanide [2001-04]
  • Ephemera (perzine - 3 issues) under the name stacey marie [2005]
  • phases of the moon
  • Positive & Negative Space (lit/artzine - 2 issues) under the name Ziggy Cyanide, with the Whiskey Rebellion collective [2004]
  • Twisted Libido (absurdist high school underground press - 7 issues) under the name Cyanide (among others) [1999-2000]
  • Zygote (perzine about overcoming depression - 7 issues) under the name Ziggy Cyanide [2002-03]

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