St. Patrick's Zine Library

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St. Patrick's Zine Library / Flyer 2013

The St. Patrick's Zine Library is open every 17th of March from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (regular opening hours). It is a "traveling" zine library. There is no official permanent residence for the collection and the library pops up on different locations "to save the kids from the forces of evil", as stated on a flyer / invitation card.

The library was founded by an anonymous person and is run by volunteers.

Among zines, fanzines, minicomics, newsprints and other small press publications the library hosts a "motley crew" of zines produced by young people, sometimes related to workshops, held by artists, writers and/or zinisters at schools or other facilities or as a private event. These publications are predominantly in German or English language.

List of these Zines (among others): Fucking Different - irgendwie cool! (2011), Freche Früchte (2010), Super Kauke 1-2 (2010), 100 Morde Wald (2011), Our World (2011), Politik hat Burger Pflicht (2012), Die Jugend wird unruhig #1 (youth are getting restless) (2013), Der verhexte Raum (2013), Black Fleck (2013), Peng Bumm Boing (minicomic 2013) etc.

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