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==External Links==
==External Links==
[[http://spitandahalf.blogspot.com Spit and a Half]]
[http://spitandahalf.blogspot.com Spit and a Half]
[[Category:Distro]][[Category:Active Distros]]
[[Category:Distro]][[Category:Active Distros]]

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Spit and a Half is the house name by which John Porcellino self-publishes his zine King-Cat Comics and Stories.

From 1992-2000, Spit and a Half was one of the original zine distros, distributing mostly small press comics, but also some non-comics zines and music. At its peak, Spit and a Half published zine collections by artists besides Porcellino, including Jeff Zenick, Tom Hart, and Jenny Zervakis, as well as functioning as a record label, releasing CDs, cassettes, and 7" vinyl records by bands such as The Felt Pilotes and The Cannanes, which featured zinester David Nichols.

In the 1990's, the Spit and a Half distro played an important role in elevating the respect "mini-comics" received from the more mainstream comics world.

In 2000, Porcellino ceased running Spit and Half as a distro/label, and re-focused mainly on self-publishing King-Cat, however as of Spring 2010 he had begun distributing a small number of zines, comix, and records again.

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