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[[Image:Space_trails_1947sum_copy.jpg‎‎|right|frame|'''Space Trails''' Issue 1 Cover art by Jack Weidenbeck 1947]]
[[Image:Space_trails_1947sum_copy.jpg‎‎|right|frame|'''Space Trails'''≤br/> Issue 1 Summer 1947<br/>Cover art by Jack Weidenbeck]]
'''Space Trails''' was a science fiction and fantasy fanzine by [[Kenneth J. Krueger]] (1926-2009).
'''Space Trails''' was a science fiction and fantasy fanzine by [[Kenneth J. Krueger]] (1926-2009).

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Space Trails≤br/> Issue 1 Summer 1947
Cover art by Jack Weidenbeck

Space Trails was a science fiction and fantasy fanzine by Kenneth J. Krueger (1926-2009).

Subtitled "The Magazine of the Future", the first issue of Space Trails appeared in Summer of 1947, published in Buffalo, New York, U.S.A. Five issues were published, the fifth and last issue in 1953.

Cover art work was done by Jack Wiedenbeck (Nova) (#1), Lee Hoffman (Quandry) (#2), Richard Bergeron (Warhoon) (#3), Charles Momberger (Ghuvna) (#4), Jon Arfstrom (#5). Interior illustrations were by Lee Hoffman and Margaret Dominick (as DEA).

Contributions included "Prison Planet" by Wilson 'Bob' Tucker (Le Zombie) (#1), "The Flesh Eaters" by Basil Wells (#2); "Disease Planet" by David English (Fantasias) (#3); "Dark Evolution" by Walt Klein (#4); "The Old One" by W. Paul Ganley (as Toby Duane) (Fan-Fare) (#5).

Krueger was also a book publisher, first with the "Buffalo Book Company", and then "Shroud", publishing the first book version of H. P. Lovecraft's Dream Quest of Unknown Kadath, and finally as "Kenneth J. Krueger: Publisher". He was also the editor of the poetry anthology Starbound! Poems of Science-Fiction, Fantasy and Terror, published in 1954 by Pegasus Publications as "The Space Trails Series #6", one of a handful of very early science fiction and fantasy poetry collections.

Earl Terry Kemp, writing in el, says, "Ken Krueger is one of the unsung heroes of science fiction and fandom."

Kenneth Krueger also published Abortions.

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