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Space Cadet was a science fiction fanzine by R. Graeme Cameron.

Space Cadet was published in British Columbia, Canada, but is only available on-line at 14 issues were rleased between 1994 and 2000.

Contributing artists included Sheryl Birkhead, R. Graeme Cameron, Brad Foster, Barry Kent McKay, Scott Patri, and William Rotsler.

Contributing writers included Al Betz (BCSFAzine), Terry Jeeves (ERG), and Taral Wayne (DNQ).

Reprinted articles by Leslie Croutch, editor of Light, were also featured.

Letters came from Alan Betz, Dave Haren, Eric Mayer (E-Ditto), and Lloyd Penney (Torus).

R. Graeme Cameron previously published WCSFAzine.

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