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==External Links==
==External Links==
* [mailto:pointbforgood@hotmail.com Email]
* [mailto:pointbforgood@hotmail.com Email]
* [www.myspace.com/sorrytreeszine MySpace page]
* [http://www.myspace.com/sorrytreeszine MySpace page]

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Sorry Trees is a DIY seasonal zine based out of south central Pennsylvania. It started in the summer of 2005. The main writers are Fat Paul, LBJ, Brandy and Nick. They have vegan/vegetarian recipes, CD reviews, band interviews, rants and various articles.


Issue 1: interviews with MDC, life set struggle and thumbs up!, women in the scene, mister rogers article, moshing etiquette, cd reviews, facts about fluoride and more.

Issue 2: band interviews with our time, carpenter ant, and part 2 of MDC, how to make dreads, real life zombie dogs, benefits of massage therapy, article about Rosa Parks and more.

Issue 3: interviews with, kill your idols, the spark and rob from roburrito, article about alcohol abuse, article about marilyn monroe, a 7 part series about LBJ's warped tour adventures and more.

Issue 4: band interviews with DI and bail out, vegan recipes, self defense information, review for the hit tv show attack of the show and more.

External Links