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Sometimes I'm Dreaming is a quarter sized perzine written by London-based zinester and artist Lisa W. Five full issues, and one split-issue, have been published. Various issues are available to buy at Marching stars distro, Vampire Sushi Distro, and Things You Say distro.


Sometimes I'm Dreaming 5 (Spring 2011): 38 pages, 1/4 size. Lisa writes about being unhappy with her living situation and trying her best to some to terms with it, while at the same time planning her escape. She writes about the coming of spring, feeling unmotivated, personality types and photography.

Sometimes I'm Dreaming 4.5 / Not Lonely 5.5 (February 2011): 20 pages each, 1/4 size A 24-hour split zine between Hannah W and Lisa, featuring written pieces on various topics chosen at random, including: childhood dreams, video games, shyness, life-changing experiences & more.

Sometimes I'm Dreaming 4 (Winter 2010): 34 pages, 1/4 size This issue focuses on the emotional upheaval brought about by moving back to her parents' house, and how she coped with the combined stresses of this and the short, dark days of winter with creativity, self-reflection and cups of tea.

Sometimes I'm Dreaming 3 (Autumn 2010): 38 pages, 1/4 size In this issue Lisa reflects on her summer and looks forward to the autumn. It includes pieces on wishing she had read more during my teenage years, failing her 2nd year University exams, studying Japanese, her wish to have a little garden and symbols that occur frequently in her dreams.

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