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[[Image:SnowflakesInTheSun.jpg|right|frame|Snowflakes in the Sun (black & white image)]]
[[Image:SnowflakesInTheSun.jpg|right|frame|'''Snowflakes in the Sun'''<br/>1952]]
'''Snowflakes in the Sun''' was a one-issue-only poemzine edited by [[W. Paul Ganley]].  
'''Snowflakes in the Sun''' was a one-issue-only poemzine edited by [[W. Paul Ganley]].  

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Snowflakes in the Sun

Snowflakes in the Sun was a one-issue-only poemzine edited by W. Paul Ganley.

It was published in North Towanda, New York in 1952, though the Preface is dated March 9, 1953. It is subtitled "A Collection of Fantasy Verse." In the Preface, though, Ganley comments that "many of the poems herein belong to the realm of science-fiction."

Snowflakes in the Sun is dedicated to Al Leverentz and Bob (Robert E.) Briney, editor of Cataclysm.

Poets include Noreen Alice Bullock, Raymond L. Clancy, Robert E. Briney (as 'Andrew Duane'), Kane Falasca, W. Paul Ganley (as himself and as 'Toby Duane'), Walt Klein, Lilith Lorraine (Different, Challenge, Flame), Orma McCormick (Starlanes), Keran O'Brien, James E. Warren Jr., and Michael Wolf.

Interior illustrations are by Nancy Share (Hodge-Podge, Ignatz, Summer Torrents).

W. Paul Ganley also published the science fiction fanzine Fan-Fare during the 1950s. Later in the 1970s he returned to zine publishing with Eerie Country, which he released from 1976 till 1982, and with another poetry zine called Amanita Brandy, which saw 4 issues released between 1980 and 1999.