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Snak Fud (1990 - 1996) was a zine created by Chris Charla (AKA Chris Snak). It was created in Berkeley, CA, Boston, MA, Oakland and San Francisco, CA as the author moved around. Mark Weaver was co-editor for some issues.

Nominally a punk personal zine (in that it focused only briefly on music), its focus was more on funny stories that happen to or were told to Charla than any introspective content. Notable features included "True Pet Death Stories," a compendium each issue of funny and stupid behavior of pets and pet owners, with fatal results. Another popular feature was the Wacky Fun Pages, which featured punk rock content in the style of a kids' menu activity page (popular entries in the WFP included a Skinhead Paper Doll to cut out and dress up, the rules for Anarchist vs. Straight Edge Tic-Tac-Toe, and a punk rock version of the classic "What in the World" feature from National Geographic Kids magazine that featured closed ups of things such as jacket spikes, record grooves, and nipple rings).

The zine's self-described "stupid" tone was in some ways a reaction to the very serious, self-important style of punk rock music and personal zines in the early nineties. There was some personal content to balance out the foolishness, but it was included in small doses. The zine featured contributions from readers and creator's friends, usually stories of funny experiences. Snak Fud was selected as Fanzine of the Month by Maximum RocknRoll during 1995.