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Smoldering Ape Magazine was started by two Pittsburghers, Christian Breitkreutz and Cory Spangler. It has been publishing words and pictures since 2006.

It is apolitical, male, anti-social, no-brow, and, in what the editors feel is perhaps a sign of the times, borderline escapist. It is completely free, blatantly independent, 100% self-funded, and zero per cent hip. As of this login, there have been three issues, released sporadically and in different quantities. Each has had a color cover and pull-out poster. Departments include an all meat recipe, "Permanent Hangover", "Cremation Practice", "Ape Droppings" "Into the Rat's Nest", and "Sex Sells - But I'm Broke." It features all fiction stories, and local art as well.

  • Issue One "Beginner's Luck" 150 copies. Released June 11, 2006. 27 pgs. Some color.

Featured two fiction short stories, one non-fiction review of the Preakness Horse Race, and a photo journal from the race. Out of print.

  • Issue Two "The Tragedy of Trying" 500 copies. Released May 1, 2007. 48 pages. Color.

Featured two fiction short stories by Cory Spangler; Meat Salad; paintings by Christian Breitkreutz on old skateboards. Back issues limited and available.

  • Issue Three "Lisping in Your Sleep" 550 copies. Released June 23, 2007. 48 pages. Some color.

Featured an interview with Yanni Papadopoulos, guitarist of Stinking Lizaveta; fiction by Cory Spangler; design and collages by Christian Breitkreutz. Currently in circulation.


All inquiries about issues, submissions, where to get one, and otherwise, can be fielded at smolderingape@gmail.com. Issues available to mail upon request. Trades always welcome and encouraged.