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Smack zine copy.jpg

Smack was a literary zine published in the 1980s in Seattle, Washington, U.S.A..

Smack was a newsletter size zine, 7" by 8 ½". It included art work, fiction, interviews, and reviews.

The contents of Issue 5, released in 1984, include:

  • “Thoughts from a lost soul” by William Pugmyr (Midnight Fantasies, Punk Lust, Old Bones)
  • “Doughnuts” and “The State of Things” by Billski
  • “A Day In The Life” by John Bennett”
  • “The Gig” by Duane Roger Wright
  • “Jeff Smith interviews Jo Smitty”

Also included were reviews of several Robert Mitchum films, and zine reviews of Black on White, OP, Hamsterama, Rumble, The Fringe, and No Cause For Concern.