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Slap & Tickle was a zine produced between 1988 and 1994 by Jay Crasdan.

The first six issues were done on a mimeograph and a Selectric typewriter. Crasdan bought an Apple LaserWriter in 1989 and started produing Slap & Tickle using it starting with issue 7. The last issue of the 1980s, #12, was thrown to a crowd at a New Year's Eve gathering in Boston and are very rare.

Issue number 13 was released in June of 1990, though it was almost a full year before #14 was released. Issue 18 was the final issue and was given away at Crasdan's 25th Birthday party. It was produced using hectograph on pages of denim.

Each issue featured a famous song and Crasdan and friends would write articles relating to the song and his life. Issue 14 was called 'Fuck The Police' and featured an article by M Lloyd about a traffic stop where an officer felt her up.

The cover of issues 15 and 18 were done by Robert Rauschenberg. Crasdan had been a stage tech at a talk Rauschenberg gave in Boston and took the doodles he had been doing on a hotel pad of paper.

--Issues-- 'Issue 1'- She-Bop. Six Tales of Female Masturbation. Featuring M Lloyd. One copy remains in the collection of M Lloyd. 'Issue 2'- Leader of The Pack. Two Articles about dead boyfriends from M Lloyd and Judith Morel. Two copies are held by Jay Crasdan. 'Issue 3'- King of America. Nine articles about The American Dream with art from Bill Rotsler and Dennis Maven. One copy exists in the collection of M Lloyd 'Issue 4'- Paranoid. No copies of this issue are known to exist. 'Issue 5'- Caravan. No copies of this issue are know to exist. 'Issue 6'- The End. The First issue to print more than 100 total issues. Jay Crasdan believes that at least ten still exist. 'Issue 7'- Walk The Line. Fifteen articles mostly by Jay Crasdan. Jay Crasdan has at least three copies. 'Issue 8'- 25 or 624 or Saturday in the Park- No copies of this issue are known to exist. M Looyd believes it was called 25 or 624 and SaBean MoreL remembers it as Saturday in the Park. Jay Crasdan can't remember. 'Issue 9'- Ring of Fire. Six article about falling in love. Four copies are known to exist, all held by Jay Crasdan. 'Issue 10'- Locomotion. Never distributed. Jay believes he still has a box full somewhere. 'Issue 11'- Under Pressure. Largest Print Run of all the issues of Slap & Tickle at 250. Several people are known to have copies. 'Issue 12'- Auld Lang Syne. One issue was supposedly offered on eBay about five years ago. No others are known to exist. 'Issue 13'- The Bitch is Back. Articles by Lewis Sanchez, Michelle Yan and M Lloyd. SaBean MoreL's copy is the only one know to exist. 'Issue 14'- Fuck The Police. A single article by M Lloyd about being sexually harrassed by a Georgia State Trooper. M Lloyd has one copy and another was offered on eBay with Issue 12. 'Issue 15'- Me, Myself and I. Crasdan details his break-up with M Lloyd. M Lloyd has two in her collection. 'Issue 16'- Russians. Cover by James Lilly. None are known to exist. 'Issue 17'- Crasdan can't remember what it was about and none are known to exist. 'Issue 18'- The Long and Winding Road. 50 copies were given out at Crasdan's birthday party. Crasdan, M Lloyd, SaBean MoreL and Lila Coals are known to have a copy.