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Skyrack was a newszine by Ron Bennett, published in Yorkshire, England.

The first issue of Skyrack appeared in April 1959, and the last issue appeared in July 1971. In that period of time 96 issues were released.

Skyrack reported on news in the world of science fiction fandom and fanzines. Each issue reported news about the latest fanzine releases, convention updates and reports, Trans Atlantic Fan Fund (TAFF) reports, recent science fiction book and movie releases, births, deaths, and other news about science fiction fans. Bennett stated in his first issue that Skyrack was to be the UK answer to FANAC, the newszine centred on fan activity in the U.S.A. Skyrack did focus on the UK but also included news and fanzine reviews originating in the U.S. and Canada. Skyrack began as a monthly and did publish regularly till the late 60s.

Each issue was headed up by a cartoon, and these were contributed by Don Allen, ATom (The ATom Anthology), Ron Bennet with Daphne Buckmaster (Esprit, Random), Kris Carey, Joy Clarke, Michael Evans, Ted Forsyth, Frank Garnett, Eddie Jones, Archie Mercer, Chris John Owen, Joe Patrizio, Bill Rotsler, and Vince Clarke (Science Fantasy News).

Other artwork was contributed by Kenneth Cheslin, Archie Mercer, and Sandy Sanderson.

Contributors included Jill Adams, Brian Aldiss, Mike Ashley (Xeron), Sid Birchby, Burkhard Blüm, Bruce Burn, Peter Campbell (Andromeda, Hydra), Ted Carnell, Ken Cheslin (Les Spinge), Joy Clarke, Buck Coulson (Yandro), Frank Dietz (Science, Fantasy, and Science Fiction), Alan Dodd (Camber), Bill Donaho (Habakkuk, Viper), Ron Ellik (Starspinkle), Dick Ellington, Ted Forsyth (Ipso Facto), John Foyster (The Gryphon, Satura), Colin Freeman (Scribble), Keith Freeman, Joe and Robbie Gibson (G2), Diane Goulding, Bobbie Gray (Vagary), Jim Groves (Packrat, Vector), Graham Hall (Doubt), Sandra Hall, Phil Harbottle (John Russell Fearn-An Evaluation), Harry Harrison, Lynn Hickman, Alma Hill (Wizard), Terry Jeeves, Betty Kujawa, Dave Kyle, Ethel Lindsay (Femizine, The Lindsay Report, Scottishe), James Linwood, George Locke (Smoke), Richard Mann (The Romann), Archie Mercer, Beryl Mercer (Link, Oz), Ian McAulay, Michael Moorcock (Eustace), Harry Nadler (Alien Worlds), Stan Nuttall, Keith Otter, Doreen Parker, Ella Parker (Orion), Bruce Pelz, Charles Platt (Beyond), Christopher Priest (Con), Ratatosk, Alan Rispin, Sandy Sanderson (Aporrheta), Thomas Schluck (Sol), Norman Shorrock (Bastion, Space Diversions), Ken Slater (Fandoodle), Colin Steele, William Temple (Novae Terrae), Ted Tubb, Bob Tucker (Le Zombie), Harry Turner (Zenith), Tony Walsh (Badinage), Bjo Wells (Shangri L'Affaires), Peter Weston (Zenith Speculation), James White (Slant) and Walt Willis (Hyphen).

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