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Sky Ryan was a Portland janitor and zine writer. She published many zines, notably How Perfectly Goddamn Delightful It All Is, To Be Sure, Cryptic Crap, Motherfucking Titty Sucking Two-Balled Bitch and 1985: The Anti-Scene Zine. Her work was featured in the Factsheet Five Zine Reader.

In 1997, she began an affair with ANSWER Me! co-publisher Jim Goad. Goad eventually filed a restraining order against Ryan, but their relationship continued until 1998, when he was arrested and served a prison term for beating her. After Goad was sentenced, she became close friends with his ex-wife Debbie, also a zinester. Ryan is now a born-again Christian, married, and legally named Sky Ryan-Cross. She no longer publishes zines.

She and Azmacourt's Marc Parker produced a DIY movie, which was released in 2005.

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