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Sissy Butch is a zine by Caroline and Lori, members of Riot Grrrl Pittsburg.

The zine appeared in the 1990's. The first issue featured articles like "Crushes Suck";"Frat Pigs": "Hard of Hearing?", about being a mother to grown men and "Lighten Up" about dieting and anoxeria. Also included is an interview with a straight couple that are asked questions such as "How long have you been straight?", "Did you have a bad experience with a homosexual relationship?" and "Have your parents accepted your heterosexuality?" Zine reviews are also included.

Issue two features the articles "Asshole Drunkard Time"; "Everything You Need To Know About Orgasm"; "Strobe", about going to a rave; the comic "The Tube Crew" and an interview with G.B. Jones. Zine reviews are also included again.

Throughout both issues are ads for other zines, which reveal the networks being created by women zine editors in the 1990's.