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Sirruish was a science fiction fanzine produced by the Ozark Science Fiction Association.

Sirruish was published in Missouri, U.S.A. The editors for Sirruish were Hank Luttrell, Jim Hall, Leigh Couch, Railee Bothman, Brazier, Tiffany, Jon Yaffe, and Genie Yaffe.

The first issue appeared in April 1966, the second in July 1966, both edited by Hank Luttrell. Jim Hall edited issues 3 to 5. Issue 6, published in Winter 1967 was edited by Leigh Couch, who also edited issue 7, from July 1968, and issue 8, from August 1968. Issue 9, edited by Railee Bothman, appeared in 1969, and issue 10 was released in February 1973. issue 11 in June 1973, and issue 12 in August 1974.

Contributing artists included Jack Gaughan, Mike Gilbert, and Robert E. Jennings (cover #8), among others.

Contributing writers of fiction include Don D'Atassa, Hank Davis, Edward V. Dong (Golana), among others.

Contributors of poetry include Jim Reuss, and Roger Zelazny, among others.

Contributors of articles include Jack Gaughan, and Harry Warner, Jr. (Horizons), among others.

Hank Luttrell also published Starling.