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Sick Puppy Comix was a comix zine anthology edited by Stratu. Thirteen issues were published between 1996 and 2003.

Sick Puppy Comix #1 [April 1996] David Leeflang, Kit and Com, Damien, Possum, Stratu, Captain Fruitcake, Paul Buckberry.

Sick Puppy Comix #2 [August 1996] David Leeflang, Neale Blanden, Possum, David Puckeridge, Gerard Ashworth, Growl the Garbage Girl, Stratu, Paul Buckberry, Agness, Nicolas.

Sick Puppy Comix #3 [November 1996] Neale Blanden, SCAR, Stratu, Gerard Ashworth, Growl the Garbage Girl, Sicko, David Leeflang, Lona, Ryan Vella, Trollman, Tobbe Blanchard.

Sick Puppy Comix #4 [March 1997] Gerard Ashworth, Chris Mikul, Ryan Vella, Stratu, David Puckeridge, Mandy Ord, David Leeflang, SCAR, Sicko, Veronique, Adam Fay.

Sick Puppy Comix #5 [July 1997] Steve Carter, Neale Blanden, Gerard Ashworth, David Puckeridge, David Leeflang, Stratu, SCAR, Ryan Vella, Chris Mikul, Mandy Ord, Miss Julia O'Toole, Ross Tesoriero, Mannheim Jerkoff, Lord Morgue.

Sick Puppy Comix #6 [November 1997] Ross Tesoriero, Glenn Smith, SCAR, Anton Emdin, Stratu, Ryan Vella, David Leeflang, Troy Mingramm, Antoinette Rydyr, Lord Morgue, Chris Mikul, Louise Graber, Gerard Ashworth, Mandy Ord, anonymous, David Puckeridge, Miss Julia O'Toole, Mannheim Jerkoff.

Sick Puppy Comix #7 [March 1998] Glenn Smith, Ross Tesoriero, Q-Ray, Ryan Vella, Anton Emdin, Neale Blanden, Stratu, Gerard Ashworth, Scott Pollard, Ryan Vella, Lord Morgue, Steve Carter, Paul Rowe, Mannheim Jerkoff, Mongrel, SCAR, Jes O'Vomitguts, Louise Graber, Chris Mikul, John Weeks, Ken Grobe, David Leeflang, David Puckeridge.

Sick Puppy Comix #8 [July 1998] David Puckeridge, Chris Mikul, Ryan Vella, Glenn Smith, Tung, Gerard Ashworth, Jes O'Vomiguts, Louise Graber, Mandy Ord, Miss Maria, Ben Hutchings, Steve Carter, Mannheim Jerkoff, SCAR, Antoinette Rydyr, Ross Tesoriero, Anton Emdin, Stratu, Paul Rowe.

Sick Puppy Comix #9 [January 1999] Anton Emdin, Bruno Nadalin, Chis Mikul, Gerard Ashworth, Aaron O'Donnell, SCAR, Paul Rowe, David Puckeridge, Stratu, Phil Reakes, Troy Mingramm, Tung Nguyen, Q-Ray, Mick Vella, Mandy Ord, Mannheim Jerkoff.


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==Sick Puppy Comix
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