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Shrimp is a zine created by Vaginal Davis.

Published in Los Angeles, Shrimp is a one-shot off-shoot of Vaginal Davis' previous zine Fertile LaToya Jackson. In her editorial for the zine, Vaginal asks, "If everyone had a nice hefty foot in their mouth all the problems in the world would be solved, right?" The title 'Shrimp', as the editorial explains, refers to a sexual act in which " the licking and sucking of feet is not only encouraged BUT celebrated. Boy feet/girl shrimp is to love".

Despite this, other topics are covered in the zine. Photo essays of subjects such as The Goddess Bunny; the making of John Aes-Nihil's film The Drift; "Spew", the Zine Convergence in Chicago; Hollywood Parties; Pedro Muriel and Esther, or PME, Vaginal's band with Glen Meadmore; bondage photographs by Rick Castro; artist G.B. Jones; and the group Psychodrama.

Glenn Danzig of the Misfits is interviewed by Ms. Davis. He quickly begins to irritate Vaginal who suggests, "You don't want to get on a 6'6" black drag queen's raw opened nerve, because honey I didn't just fall off the turnip truck." Glenn admits that he can see that. Ms. Davis also interviews Fugazi and this interview goes better. Ian MacKaye tells Vaginal, "You're my fantasy love goddess" to which Vaginal replies, "This interview is getting off the track".