Shards of glass in your eye!

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#6 Collated Zine Supplement

Established in 1995 by Kari Tervo, Shards Of Glass In Your Eye! is a humor + random zine featuring offbeat insights from an unconventional observer.

Issue Summaries

Issue 1 (I'll Be Your Best Friend; 1995 [Out of Print]): The inaugural issue of Shards, created overnight in a fit of creative frustration, features half-baked adolescent political rants, poetry, book and movie recommendations, a baking tip, and more.

Issue 2 (Cover Model; 1995 [Out of Print]): Issue #2, also an overnight creation, features a paean to hostility and despair, an examination of traditional weddings, an encouragement not to conform to either "mainstream" or "alternative" cultures, a mild obsession with Albert Einstein, an opportunity to play tic-tac-toe, and more.

Issue 3 (Disco Ball Party Zine!; November 2010): Issue #3 was inspired by the 2011 Revenge of Print challenge (via Atomic Books), which challenged zine-makers to make one more issue of their zine in 2011. Too excited to wait until 2011 to make copies, Tervo published #3 in November, 2010. Issue #3 features a psychic reading, upper middle class terminology, photos, celebrity sightings, a roast beef sandwich recipe, and more. Notably, Tervo's essay "In Defense of Thin Women," which examines pop-feminism, beauty standards and the notion of the "real woman," was re-printed in a review zine, "Photocopy Press," in 2011.

Issue 4 (Sex Sells; April 2011): Issue #4 features a renegade Beverly Hills walking tour, a lecture to Grammar Nazis, more celebrity sightings, a series of fond reminiscences, and more. This issue contains another "serious" essay: "Beyond Raverdome" deconstructs the negatively-biased electronica-related writing of an LA Weekly writer.

Issue 5 (Heart Attack; July 2011): Issue #5 features "homeopathic cures," modern Boy Scout merit badges, likely titles found in Osama bin Laden's porn collection, what I love about sexism, humorous essays about cars, petty theft, and mood-related gambling, lifestyle tips, and more.

Issue 6 (Collated Zine Supplement; February 2012): Issue #6 features a ton of Beverly Hills tidbits, celebrity sightings (with special reality show edition), diary entries, life advice, a psychological quiz, baby shower bitchery, a paean to penises, and more. quent print runs are $3 each or free for trade.


Shards of Glass In Your Eye! received its first review in July, 2011. Sofia at Weatherfield zine enjoyed Issue #4. Sofia opined, "I did like it quite a bit; it seemed, to me, exactly like how I imagined a zine would be."

In Spring 2011, Elizabeth at Photocopy Press reviewed Shards of Glass In Your Eye! #3. Elizabeth enjoyed Issue #3, and reported that she "honestly laughed out loud at a few parts." Tervo's essay "In Defense of Thin Women" was re-printed in its entirety in the Spring 2011 issue of Photocopy Press.

In August, 2011, DJ Frederick of One Minute Zine Reviews reviewed Shards #5. He said in his audio review, "Kari Tervo has written an incredibly funny zine. . .I love zines that get this creative."

In 2011, Sarah Bennett of "LA Record" reviewed "Shards" #3 and #4, and said, "Tervo's fuck-it-all attitude is welcome in this world of polished computer-designed rags. Thanks to Atomic Books for motivating Tervo to cut, paste, and photocopy her reflections into a black-and-white half-pager. . ."

Zine Fests

Tervo sold/traded issues 3-5 at the 2011 San Francisco Zine Fest, September 3-4, 2011. She also distributed buttons that she made that said, "Be Your Own Subculture," the tagline on the back of Issue #5.

At the 2012 LA Zine Fest, Tervo distributed issues #3-#6 and gave away Be Your Own Subculture Buttons.


In August, 1995, the Five-College Discordian Society of Saint Rufus named Tervo a Pope in the House of the Apostles of Eris for Issue #2, particularly the "Special Middle Page Randomness Spread." Her resulting member name is Pope of Pink Lemonade.



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