Shannon Edgett

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Shannon Edgett is a zine editor currently residing in New Brunswick, Canada.

She's experienced more in her life than most her age. She was rejected by her peers in her early youth, and found a circle of friends in high school. She went to art school after HS, and failed the year after having to get a job to afford everything. She left for BC with her then boyfriend and friend in a old car they bought. She ended up pregnant and dumped on the beaches of Nelson, BC and met the first people to introduce her to the zine world. She came back to New Brunswick and had her son, but returned west to try her hand in a relationship in Alberta. It ended up as an abusive situation, and she left it to return once more to BC. There she first began Pandora's Box as a way to explore why life had brought her to that point. She then hitchhiked BC with her best friend and then 2 year old, and returned to New Brunswick to attend journalism school. She recently graduated and is now working part-time with CBC Radio. 

Shannon Edgett wants to change the world in her own little ways... even if it's just one smile at a time.