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Sfinx was a science fiction fanzine published by the Oxford University Speculative Fiction Group.

Sfinx was published in the UK. The first issue appeared in 1969.

Editors varied with each issue. Issue 1 was edited by Jeremy Gilchrist, Robert Morrow and Sandra J. Burman; #2 by D.A. Parsons, Sandra J. Burman and C.J.K. Morgan; Diana Reed was editor for #3, #4, #5, published 1970-1971; Allan Scott edited #6; Allan Scott and Kevin Smith were editors for #7, which was nominated for a Nova Award for Best Fanzine in 1973, and #8 in 1973; Kevin Smith was editor for #9, published in 1974; Peter D. Jones edited #10, published in 1975; Andrew Chapman edited #11 in 1976.

David Langford was a frequent contributor. In his book, "The Sex Column and Other Misprints", he describes finding the publication; "So when I went to Oxford for three years of failing to study physics, I was primed to seek out SF contacts. Sure enough, the crowded notice-board of my college (Brasenose) featured the cover of an obviously SF publication called Sfinx - the university SF group's fiction magazine...You could tell the publishers had cosmic minds, by their total failure to provide a price or address. But I tracked them down anyway."

Other contributors of fiction included John Allen, Michael Ballance, Jenny Barrett, Sandra J. Burman, George Codd, Paul Connors, Rosanna Corke, Andrew Darlington (Ludd's Mill), Gregory Dowling, Bill Fraser, Jeremy Gilchrist, Colin Greenland, Erica Hahn, Robert Holdstock (Macrocosm), Robert Jackson (Maya), Simon Jones, D. Arthur Lott, Chris Morgan (Brum Group News), Bob Morrow, Ruth Paul, Philip Payne, Ed Phipps, Mark Powell-Jones, Diana Reed, Paul Robin, Mike Scott Rohan, Allan Scott, Kevin Smith, Steve Sneyd (Data Dump), Andrew Stephenson, Michael Summers, Rosanna Summers, Ian Watson, and Adam Williams.

Contributors of poetry included Paul Jobin.

Contributors of artwork included Roland Aldridge, Bob Elliot, Debby Hickenlooper, Roger Hobby, Matt Nelson, Heidi Pape, Mike Scott Rohan, and Allan Scott.

Kevin Smith was also one of the co-editors of Vector, along with Alan Dorey, Eve Harvey, and Joseph Nicholas for issue #98, Joseph Nicholas for issues #99-#101, and Joseph Nicholas, and Paul Kincaid for issues #102-#105.