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Scottishe was a science fiction fandom fanzine by Ethel Lindsay published in Surrey, England.

Scottishe was first released in 1955 and ran for more than 25 years, with 82 issues appearing, until ending in 1981.

Contributors of writing included Robert Bloch, John Brunner, Ken Bulmer (Science Fantasy News), Robert Coulson (Yandro), Richard E. Geis, Helen Highwater, Terry Jeeves ( ERG,The Damned Patrol), Jim Linwood (Typo), Archie Mercer (Vector), Eric Needham (Now & Then), Andy Offut, Joe Patrizio (Ipso Facto), Ken Potter, Bob Shaw, Brian Varley, Frances Varley, Harry Warner, Jr. (Horizons), Gerry Webb, and Walt Willis (Hyphen) wrote a column every issue called "Warblings".

Art work was contributed by Arthur Thomson (The ATom Anthology).

The letters column in Scottishe is cited as a forum where real discussions happened. Letters came from Brian Aldiss, Archie Mercer, Darroll Pardoe (Les Spinge), Chris Priest, and many others.

Scottishe was distributed by Offtrails Magazine Publishers Association.

A special issue of Scottishe was part of the Thirdmancon Combozine (April 1968), which also included special issues of Badinage, Gothique, and Speculation.

Ethel Lindsay also published The Lindsay Report.