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Scintillation Issue 10 Cover Art by Al Sirois 1976

Scintillation was a science fiction fanzine by Carl Eugene Bennett.

Scintillation was published in Portland, Oregon, U.S.A. in the 1970s. It was originally titled Dork-Pizzle. The first issue under that name appeared August 1975. As of the seventh issue it was retitled Scintillation. 13 issues were released in all, the last in June 1977.

Contributors included Douglas Barbour, Steve Brown, Elinor Busby (Cry of the Nameless), Daniel DePrez, George Alec Effinger, Philip Jose Farmer, Mel Gilden, D.K. Holm, John Shirley, Al Sirois, Bruce Townley, John Varley, Paul Walker, Richard Weholt, Ted White and Neal Wilgus.

Also included is an interview with Frank Herbert by Daniel DePrez.

Art work was contributed by Carl Bennett, Phil Foglio, Heinrich Kley, Dan Hawkins, Bill Rotsler, Al Sirois, Bruce Townley, and Richard Weholt.

Letters came from Brian Aldiss, Douglas Barbour, Sheryl Birkhead, Avedon Carol, Philip K. Dick, Mike Glicksohn (Energumen), Tom Reamy (Trumpet) and Harry Warner, Jr..

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