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Bob Tucker was also the editor of [[Le Zombie]].  
Bob Tucker was also the editor of [[Le Zombie]].  
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*[http://fanac.org/fanzines/Science_Fiction_Newsletter/index.html Select issues of '''Science Fiction Newsletter''' on line]

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Science Fiction Newsletter was a science fiction fanzine published by Bob Tucker.

Subtitled "The leading newspaper of the science fiction field", and published in Bloomington, Illinois, U.S.A., it was released bimonthly, starting in December 1945 and running till Spring 1953, with a total of 29 issues. It began as the Bloomington News Letter, a one sheet of news items. By the time the title changed to Science Fiction Newsletterwith issue 15, published in April 1950, it had grown to eight pages, complete with photographs and art work.

Contributors included Fred Anmar, Redd Boggs (Sky Hook), Geoff Conklin, William Nolan (Rhodomagnetic Digest), Darrell C. Richardson, Jerry Sohl, Charles Lathrop Warn, Walt Willis (Slant), and Mari Beth Wheeler.

Contributing artists include Richard Bergeron (Warhoon), Dave Hammond, Lee Hoffman (Quandry), Jerry Hopkins, Terry Jeeves (Vector), Buddie McKnight, Chester A. Polk, Bill Rotsler, Naaman Peterson, Judy Tucker and Charles Wells (Fiendetta).

Photographs were by Bob Tucker.

Letters came from Forrest Ackerman (Voice of the Imagi-Nation), Ken Beale, Robert Bloch, Moe Diner, Ken Krueger (Space Trails), and Eduardo Scaron.

Bob Tucker was also the editor of Le Zombie.

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