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Science Fiction / San Francisco (often referred to as SF/SF) is a Science Fiction fanzine founded by Jack Avery in 2005. It has been hosted on from issue 1 and is available as a PDF Webzine. He edited it alone for the first nine issues, featuring articles from Chris Garcia, Jean Martin and Dr. Noe. A large chunk of each issue was a Bay Area Fandom Calendar. After issue 9, he announced that he was giving the zine up.

Garcia and Martin then took up editorship of SF while Avery remained doing layout and the calendar section. After issue 20, Avery left the zine and was replaced by Eva Kent. David Moyce came on board as proof-reader and handling the calendar section. That remains the main creative team to present, with Jean Martin as the editor.

Regular contributors include Espana Sheriff, Robert Hole, Howeird, Barbara Johnson-Haddad, Diane Rooney, Andrew Trembley as well as LetterHacks John Purcell (Askance) and Lloyd Penney (Torus).

It was announced the Eva Kent would shortly be leaving SF/SF, leading the editors looking for their third layout editor.

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