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Science Fantasy Bulletin Issue 12 Cover Art by Ed Emshwiller 1953

Science Fantasy Bulletin was a science fiction fanzine by Harlan Ellison, published in Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.A.

Originally titled Bulletin of the Cleveland Science Fantasy Society, it began life as the club bulletin. Ellison assumed editorship in 1952. After publishing five issues under that name, he changed the title to reflect the fact that it had become his zine rather than functioning as a club zine. He continued publishing Science Fantasy Bulletin till 1954, during which time nine issues were released. For the last three issues, the title was changed again to Dimensions - the first issue carrying this title was a split zine with Science Fantasy Bulletin.

Contributors included Poul Anderson, Robert Bloch, Redd Boggs (Sky Hook), Norman G. Browne (Vanations, Filler), Algis Budrys, L. Sprague de Camp, Raymond L. Clancy, Toby Duane, David English (Fantasias), Dean Grennell (Grue, Filler), Raymond Palmer (The Comet), Su Rosen, Robert Silverberg (Spaceship), Theodore Sturgeon, Bob Tucker (Le Zombie), Bill Venable, and Russ Winterbotham.

Artists contributing include Richard Bergeron (Warhoon), Ed Emshwiller, and Alan Hunter.

Science Fantasy Bulletin was a member of "Fanvariety Enterprises", an affiliation of fan publishers put together by Max Keasler and Bill Venable. It included such publications as Max Keasler's Opus, Bill Venable's Pendulum, Norman Browne's Vanations, Dave English's Fantasias, Bob Farnham and Nan Gerding's The Chigger Patch of Fandom, Norbert Hirschhorn's Tyrann, Ian MacAuley's Cosmag, Joel Nydahl's Vega, and Starlanes by Nan Gerding and Orma McCormick.