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Science-Fiction Collector was a science fiction fanzine by Morris Scott Dollens and John V. Baltadonis.

Science-Fiction Collector was first published May 1936 by a 16-year-old Morris Scott Dollins of North St. Paul, Minnesota, U.S.A., who published 14 issues before handing over editorship to John V. Baltadonis of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.A. He kept publishing this title till 1941, with 17 more issues released. Under his editorship, it was a Comet Publication.

Morris Scott Dollens was one of the first editors to introduce varied-coloured hektographed Fanzine which baltadonis would perfect. According to SF historian Sam Moskowitz, "Science-Fiction Collector became the leading representative fan journal".

Contributors included Jack Erman, Larry Farsaci (The Golden Atom), Joe Gilbert, Robert Madle (Fantascience Digest), Jack Chapman Miske (Bizarre), MOROJO (Myrtle Douglas) (Voice of the Imagi-Nation), Sam Moskowitz (Helios), Mark Reinsberg, Oswald Train, Donald Wollheim (The Phantagraph), and T. Bruce Yerke (The Damn Thing).

Artwork was by John V. Baltadonis and Morris Scott Dollens.

John V. Baltadonis had previously published Fantasy Fiction Telegram with Robert Madle, Milton Rothman and Oswald Train, and Fantasy Fiction Pictorial with William H. Miller, Jr..

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