Science-Fantasy Correspondent

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Science-Fantasy Correspondent was a science fiction and fantasy fanzine edited by Willis Conover (1921-1996).

Conover was a teenager when he began writing letters to Weird Tales and corresponding with other fans of weird fiction. He decided to do a fanzine, publishing it from his Cambridge, Maryland, U.S.A. home in the mid 1930s.

Soon after beginning his fanzine he began writing to H. P. Lovecraft, and they began a regular correspondence. Lovecraft did an interview with Conover for his zine and supplied him with out-of-print poems and short stories he had written. He also put him in touch with other writers of weird fiction.

Later in life, Willis Conover became a jazz DJ for Voice of America and was known everywhere around the world, except in North America. He also published a book of his correspondence with Lovecraft, called Lovecraft At Last.

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